2019 Resolutions

I've always been someone who has set resolutions. I love the idea of hitting the reset button at the beginning of a new year and writing down a few things I hope to accomplish. Although I have to admit, I haven't always been the best at keeping said resolutions throughout the year. The older I get, the harder I am trying to hold myself accountable. And I'm also learning that while it is OK to push myself into new areas of life, I also need to be realistic with what my goals are. Chances of me running a marathon this year are slim but chances of me possibly working out? Not as slim. So keep reading below for some things I am hoping to cross off my list this year.


I've always loved to read but do not spend nearly enough time doing it. My goal is to spend more of my down time reading vs binge watching netflix or endlessly scrolling through instagram. Send me any book recommendations you might have & as I finish books, I'll share my list.


Volunteering is something I feel really passionate about. It's something I always try to make time for. Luckily through working at Kohl's I've had the opportunity to volunteer with many organizations through Kohl's Cares. One of my favorite events of last year was with the Miracle League of Milwaukee. This baseball league is for children with special needs and was truly one of the highlights of my year. I cannot even begin to describe how rewarding it is to give back. So this year I am hoping to do even more.


For me, expressing myself creatively makes me so happy. So my goal is to spend more time painting, drawing, crafting (even when I hot glue my fingers together) etc, etc.


Could you guess I was getting to this? I think most people have an obsession with their phone that is borderline unhealthy. I mindlessly scroll through instagram for hours. And read blogs or plan my life on pinterest. My sister, Chelsey, has taken so many pictures of me having fallen asleep with my phone in my hand (I won't share because the pictures themselves are not cute) but trust me, it's happened a lot. So I'm hoping to put down the phone more and spend my time doing more productive things.


I am not much of a workout girl. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I don't enjoy it at all. The only thing I have found that I enjoy is yoga. And that is mostly for the mediation aspect of it but it is something I really love to do. I've only done hot yoga a handful of times but honestly I couldn't have enjoyed it more. There is something about meditating while also feeling like you are one thousand degrees inside that I'm pretty into.


I will always believe in therapy and encourage anyone to try it. It is something that has helped me immensely through the last twelve years of my life and is currently helping me right now. There is nothing like building a relationship with someone who can unravel your scrambled eggs brain and encourage you down the right path of life. It is something I look forward to every week.


Clearly I like to journal. But something you should also know about me is I have an awful memory. No seriously, I can't remember anything. So besides the other benefits journaling brings, I also love to write down all the other small stuff that happens in the day to day so I can look back on it throughout the year. Okay that makes me sound like I have dementia. But I love to do it and want to keep it up throughout the new year.


Okay so this is more of a wish than a resolution BUT I am hoping 2019 is the year I can save enough money to get a puppy. Hoping all the stars align this year for a doggo of my own.

So let's toast to 2019. I hope you are able to leave all the bad parts of 2018 behind and focus on growing, evolving, and living your best life possible throughout these next twelve months. Cheers!

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