27 Things I’ve Learned This Past Year

Today is my 27th birthday which also means An Anxious Millennial is turning 1! In honor of this, I am sharing 27 things I’ve learned over the past year. Whether that be lessons I’ve learned about relationships, myself & starting and running a blog, I thought it was important to write them all down and acknowledge the journey life has taken me on over the past twelve months.

1. I’m happiest when I’m spending time with other people. I used to value my alone time - which I still do - but I’d much rather spend my free time with others.

2. This mantra has stuck with me all year long- ‘you’re okay, you can do this.’

3. I’ve learned to love reading again. One of my favorite things to do is go through the Apple bookstore on my iPad and add books to my reading list.

4. My love for Dateline (and Keith Morrison) grew 10x stronger.

5. Self care isn’t selfish.

6. Training a puppy is not one of my strengths but I’m trying! 

7. I’ve learned that I don’t have to fix other people. 

8. Community! My heart has opened up to so many amazing people thanks to starting this blog. 

9. I’ve learned (and am still learning) to be patient and give myself grace when I have a bad day. 

10. My soul has been so fueled by meditation. It calms and relaxes me like nothing else. 

11. The planner in me has stepped down. She’s still there, but I’ve learned to be more go with the flow and am appreciating that side of me.

12. I’m really good at keeping myself accountable and making sure I follow through. 

13. Vulnerability is now my middle name. I’ve learned there is strength in sharing my life and experiences with others. 

14. Being kind is the most important thing. 

15. I can make London fog lattes better than Starbucks (not to brag). 

16. I’ve learned that reality TV will always be my favorite genre (I watched way too much 90 Day Fiancé over the past year).

17. Writing a blog is work but it is the kind of work that is fun. I’ve challenged myself to open up and be really honest with myself (and you guys!!) 

18. I’ve pushed myself so much harder this year into the world of politics & activism (which if you know me you already knew how passionate I am about this stuff).

19. I’ve learned to speak up more than ever over the past year. 

20. I fell back in love with Rocky Rococo’s pizza (I could eat it every day).

21. There is power in prayer and it is so important to continue growing my relationship with God. 

22. I’m learning to be more spontaneous! 

23. I like being a busy bee. 

24. I’ve learned to be an advocate for my health and listen to my body. 

25. I really value naps (and took one in the middle of helping my cousin move - sorry nin nin).

26. I’ve really learned how to acknowledge when I mess up and own it. 

27. Confidence. I’ve never felt more sure of myself and who I’ve become. 

Be good to me 27!

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