A Weekend So Good My #selfcaresunday Cup Is Overflowing

You know those weekends where your heart could just burst with happiness? The weekends where you are surrounded by your favorite people and the laughter just echoes off the walls. A weekend where you feel like you can easily take on the week ahead & whatever might happen. Yeah those special weekends where you wish you had just one more day to soak it all in. That was the kind of weekend I had.

It's no secret how close I am with my family. We are small but mighty. My parents spent the weekend staying at my place and it was even more perfect thanks to the cool, fall weather. Saturday morning was spent at the farmers market picking up all sorts of goodies. Sourdough, which is my fav bread, green peppers (stuffed peppers on my mind), flowers & pumpkins and of course dessert. We stopped by a cupcake booth to find it run by a younger girl. I asked how long she's been baking & she replied, "well I started this business at 11 and now I'm 13 and have been baking since I was 10 so a pretty long time," which immediately made my jaw drop. Girl power!

The rest of our omen crew joined us that afternoon. Our hearts grew by 2 almost exactly a year ago when two littles joined our family. We spent all day loving on them and hardly believing that it has almost been a year since they've been in our family. But I also can't remember a time when they weren't with us. My favorite job thus far has been being auntie BB to these boys. And to all the other kiddos in my life. If the weekend would have stopped right there I would have been happy.

But it only got better. We all got lots of puppy snuggles in & met up with more fam & my other favorite little for dinner at Bel Air. Now anyone who lives in Milwaukee knows how amazing Bel Air is. If you've never been, run don't walk and get there now. Dinner with three small boys & seven adults trying to keep them entertained is pure chaos. We had cars flying, tears running, and crayons throwing but the loudest sound in the room was the laughter.

That night we watched A Million Little Things (while all crying). If you haven't seen this show, follow the same advice I have for Bel Air. RUN. Watch it now. The next morning was spent waking up with my parents and drinking homemade lattes (recipe coming soon !!!) and eating my mom's homemade pumpkin bread. Perfect way to start a Sunday right? I hope your weekend was filled with as much happiness as mine. Bring it on week!

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