Halloween Weekend Self Care

Happy halloweekend & self care sunday! This weekend was probably one of the best halloween weekends I've had in a few years. Just so you know- I love halloween. I've always loved planning out costumes, wearing way too much makeup, filling my place full of pumpkins & other on theme decor, watching too many scary movies and of course eating endless amounts of halloween candy. There is just something about the pumpkin shaped Reese's that tastes better. Usually I only plan one costume over Halloween but with a costume themed engagement party falling on the same weekend, it gave me the perfect excuse to plan two.

^^ witches meet cruella de vil

By the time Sunday rolled around, I knew exactly how I was going to spend my day. I've always loved to take baths and usually like to prop my laptop or ipad up to watch a movie while I do until I'm completely prune-y. I guarantee this is one of the most relaxing things you can do. To take it to the next level you need to add a Lush bath bomb. If you've never taken a bath before with a Lush bath bomb I highly suggest. The scents are amazing and leave your skin feeling so hydrated. Also, the kid in me likes to watch the colors change. I know, I know. Lush has an adorable assortment of spooky themed bath bombs for sale right now that are perfect for this time of year. I'm stocking up!

I also spent some time giving my skin some much needed TLC. I love to use sheet masks for my face as they are a quick way to give some love to your skin. My skin is sensitive and can easily breakout if I'm not on top of my skin care. During times where I know I am wearing a lot of makeup, or just not taking the best care of my skin, I am sure to do a sheet mask. Some of my favorites are below. Tonight I went with the Karuna hydrating mask.

I finished off my day by eating more halloween candy, watching many hours of making a murderer (anyone else??) and washing my makeup brushes (okay not fun but much needed after this weekend). Hope your Sunday was just as great! Here's to the week ahead.

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