All I wanted this week was popcorn. I've become re-obsessed with popcorn after my trip to Denver with my two best friends. My friend Sara makes the most UHHHMAZING homemade popcorn and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since I got home. Since I've been home I've made soooo many batches of this stuff so I knew by Sunday is was time to make more.

The recipe is so easy (which I cant take credit for at all). All you need is coconut oil, kernels, sugar & salt. Can't get any easier than that. The below kernels are my favorite and I'm sure I'll have this baby gone in no time.

I have kind of an obsessive personality (which can be good or very bad) when it comes to food. I can get hooked on something and eat it nonstop for weeks straight. I have a delish chicken wrap (which my sister calls my white trash meal) that I literally will eat every night for dinner. Maybe one day I'll share, although it's pretty boring but so good. Anyways, my point is I love to eat and indulge in salty and sweet snacks so a lot of my self care revolves around food.

I'm currently on bowl two of this stuff and it's making me pretty happy. Something as simple as having a few bowls of popcorn and a relaxing night can put the biggest smile on my face. This is how I'm spending my #selfcaresunday.

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