Self Care During the Holidays

Happy self care Sunday! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog dedicated to self care, so I thought what better time than the busiest time of the year? Anyone else feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day? Between work (retail during the holidays is a whirlwind), shopping for Christmas presents (t-minus ten days), and all the extra activities happening this time of year, it can get a little crazy. 

It’s pretty easy to start to feel burnt out in December. While everything leading up to Christmas break is usually pretty fun, it totally throws you out of your routine and adds a little more pressure to your day to day life. 

Self care is something I quite honestly try and practice daily. Whether it’s big or small, I have to make it a priority. But this time of year feels like the Super Bowl of self care. Like every tip I’ve learned and the practice I’ve put in place all comes down to these next few weeks. That’s why I thought I would share my list of tips for self care during the holiday. But to make this even more special, I asked friends, family, Instagram and really anyone who would listen to share some of their tips with me as well. Self care comes in so many different forms, and means different things to different people, so there is no better time than now to hear many voices on this topic. So keep reading for the top ways to help ease stress during the holiday season. 

Buy a Lush holiday bath bomb & take a bath until you are pruney

Trading in online Christmas shopping for reading a book 

Create a quiet space for yourself to recharge 

Watching a hallmark movie marathon 

Christmas baking some of your favorite treats

Target drive up to avoid the busyness of the stores 

Laying by the fireplace and taking a nap 

Take a snowy walk with your dog 

Schedule therapy sessions to start off the new year 

Intentional togetherness with loved ones 


Binge a new tv show 

Christmas mani/pedi 

Online shopping after putting the kids to sleep

Listening to Christmas music 

Working out and eating well 

Being OK with saying no 

Here’s to a safe & healthy holiday season! 

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