Sunday Feature: My Sister Allie's Favorite Milwaukee Gems

Switching things up a little this month on An Anxious Millennial. Instead of posting my usual self care Sunday feature, I will use each Sunday in March to feature a friend or family member. First up is my sister, Allie. She is our resident foodie and knows all the best places to eat or drink in the Milwaukee area. So keep reading to get to know her and her current favs around the city. Also, follow her along on instagram @allieomen.

Hi everyone! I'm Allie, Britt's younger sister and I've been living in Milwaukee for about 7 years. I went to UWM for my undergrad and am currently working in HR at a software company in Walker's Point. When Britt first asked me to write a post for her blog, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. Then I thought a little more about it and it became a no brainer. One of my favorite things about Milwaukee is exploring different food spots. Whether that be restaurants, coffee shops, or bars, I love to find new places. I thought I would share with you my top favorite gems in the city.

Kickapoo Coffee

Kickapoo Coffee is one of my all time favorite places. I could drink their coffee all day long. They’ve been around since 2005 but opened their first Milwaukee location in 2015. Besides their delicious coffee, they also have so many amazing bakery items. Some of my favs are their homemade granola and wide selection of pastries. My go to order is always a vanilla bean latte with oat milk (trust me, it’s amazing!!) I believe they sell some of the best roasts in the city. Their location also offers a great atmosphere with super chill music. They are located in the Third Ward on Erie Street.

Boo Boo's

I recently discovered Boo Boo’s Sandwiches thanks to a co-worker's recommendation and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. If you've ever eaten at Soup Bros (either in the Public Market or at one of their locations) I’m sure you are familiar with this place. Soup Bros opened Boo Boo’s in May of 2017 and is located right next to their location in Walker’s Point. I love this place because the menu will often change so there is always something new to try out. One of my favorites is the Milly Philly which is dubbed as Milwaukee's best cheesesteak. Their location is pretty small so make sure you arrive early to secure a table. Boo Boo’s is also available for delivery using EatStreet.


Mexican food is my favorite food. I could probably eat it every night of the week and never get sick of it. So whenever I hear about a new Mexican restaurant opening, I make it a priority to check it out. Conejitos has been Voted #1 for Cheap Eats in Milwaukee by the Shepherd Express. They claim that "our food will fill your hunger without draining your wallet" which is one of the reasons why I love it. Last year, my boss and I were on a mission to try every Mexican restaurant in the city and Conejitos was one of the best we tried. Their salsa easily falls into my favorites list. You can also buy it in bulk which is super dangerous for someone like me.

Barnacle Buds

This is one of my favorite places to go when it’s warm outside. Barnacle Buds is located just south of downtown (on the boarder of Walker’s Point and Bayview). They are open year round but in my opinion, the best time to go is when it’s nice out so you can sit on the river. Their patio area is pretty fun in the summer months. They offer great fish, burgers, and chicken sandwiches along with so many other goodies. On a nice day the patio fills up fast so make sure to get there early so you can enjoy a table on the river.


And last but not least is Bugsy’s. Bugsy’s is located in the Third Ward. The entrance is super fun because you have to enter the alley to get in which sets the tone for this bar. It’s theme is based on the roaring 20’s and makes you feel like you've stepped back in time. Their cocktail list is amazing. They offer so many classics and newer drinks you will grow to love. It is definitely a unique Milwaukee experience that I would highly recommend. They also have live music which is the cherry on top of this sundae.

Let me know some of your favorite gems in the Milwaukee area in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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