Sunday Feature: Val of Intentional Interiors Shares Her Organizing Tips

Happy Sunday friends! My weekend turned into something super productive thanks to my friend Val. A little over a month ago she started her own business, Intentional Interiors, which assists you in organizing & simplifying your home. Now I've always considered myself to be super organized but I very quickly learned that I do not have the skills for this kind of stuff like Val does. Her organizational approach is thoughtful, judge-free, and smart.

Closets have always been an area where I throw a bunch of stuff and quickly shut the door so it doesn't fall out. Anyone else's closets look like this? Every couple of months I would re-organize or shuffle the piles around but I wasn't really eliminating the clutter. As soon as Val saw my bathroom closet, she worked her magic. I learned so much in watching her that I spent the rest of my weekend organizing my bedroom closet. Through Intentional Interiors, she eliminates the stress of unorganized spaces and brings so much fun to the process of decluttering. So keep reading to get to know Val, learn her business, and see how important it is to hire a home organizer.

BUT FIRST: check out the amazing results of my bathroom closet.

This is seriously a night and day difference. Every item I own now has a place so it makes the space super functional. It was also really refreshing to go through each product and find things I forgot I had bought (who else is guilty of this?) and purge old objects I was holding onto (like my Oribe texturing spray that was very empty but was in a cute bottle). There were also products that I was never going to use, but felt guilty about throwing out as they were unopened. Val suggested I donate them to a organization that could use them. For all my Milwaukee friends, I am planning on donating my items to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. I'm linking their website below for those who are interested in learning more about their mission.

First, introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Val - and I’m the owner/organizer at Intentional Interiors, LLC. Here’s a little bit about me: I am a Minnesota-raised, former Badger, rescue-mutt mama, and crafter extraordinaire. Harry Potter is my jam, I’m happiest out on the lake, and I’ve made it my personal mission to find Milwaukee’s best Bloody Mary. More importantly - I have a crazy passion for organizing and styling all sorts of spaces. What inspired you to start your own business?

For me, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I did the corporate thing for three years, and although I learned a lot, I felt like I wasn’t best utilizing my creative thinking skills. I wanted to get out from behind a desk and out into the field so I could interact with clients directly and feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives. I feel very fortunate to have found something I’m so passionate about doing that also gives me the opportunity to work for myself.

Tell us a little bit about Intentional Interiors.

Intentional Interiors offers professional organizing services as well as interior styling and decor - all done by me! I offer my services all around the Milwaukee metro area, but also occasionally take clients in Minnesota and Illinois. I love to create spaces that are not only super organized and functional - but also beautiful.

For those who don’t know, can you explain what your business does?

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses - for me, I’ve always geeked out over bins and labels and obsessively sorting things. It’s so fun for me. But some people’s brains just don’t work like that. I’ve had clients that are so anxious about a cluttered space that they put off working on it for years, and absolutely DREAD their organizing sessions beforehand. This is why hiring a professional organizer is a game changer! Not only does scheduling a session designate time to work on a space and hold you accountable to your goals, but you also gain a supportive, judgement-free ally in your simplification mission. Someone to help you prioritize projects and opportunities within your space, declutter and downsize, and establish functional processes that make it easy to maintain your newfound organization system.

When it comes to organizing a home, what’s one thing people should consider?

Definitely think of the daily functions that happen within your home. What works well? Where does the clutter and congestion tend to accumulate? If you walk in the door and throw your keys on an already cluttered table (and then lose said keys), it can be as simple as hanging a hook there. You already throw the keys there anyways, so by designating a space for them, it’ll be one less item to sort through later.

Organizing can be super overwhelming. What are some tips to reduce the initial anxiety that comes with it?

Sometimes when you have a big project ahead of you, it can seem SUPER daunting. Like - you don’t even know where to begin. But I’ve found it helps if you try to tackle one thing at a time. So if your project is an an entire basement, maybe start by working through one bookshelf in the corner. Then tackle the entertainment center next to that. Eventually you’ll work your way through the whole room. ALSO - who ever said organizing had to be a chore? I’m all about making organization sessions fun. Let’s play some music and get to work!

What are some tips to organizing high traffic areas like a kitchen or bathroom?

LABEL EVERYTHING. Clutter tends to accumulate when you’re not sure where to put things. By designating a ‘home’ for different items in your space, it makes it that much easier to maintain your organization system - especially in high traffic areas. Marie Kondo is all about sparking joy. Is there a phrase that describes your organizing motto?

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a motto per se, but I try to encourage clients to commit to getting organized as soon as they realize something’s not working. Why wait and let clutter accumulate more? You need to turn your frustration into motivation and take steps to simplify your space and your life. I really don’t want a lawsuit from Nike but just do it - just start!

Any advice for self diagnosed hoarders who can’t let any objects go?

I get it - it can be hard to part with things. If you're anything like me, I tend to attribute a lot of sentimental value to objects in my home. One thing I encourage clients to consider is how much you are actually using an object vs. how much value it could bring to someone else. Say you have a really beautiful dress you wore to a friend’s wedding and made lots of great memories wearing it. You attribute these memories to the dress and don’t want to part with it... but you also don’t envision yourself wearing it again (am I the only one who gets weird about repeating outfits at weddings??). Instead of clinging to the item, think of how much joy it could bring to others if you were to gift it to a friend, resell it (hello extra $$!), or even better - donate it. Just save some pictures of you wearing the dress - digital memories take up much less closet space!!

What are some tips for someone who doesn’t have a lot of storage space?

I’m all about ‘hiding’ things in plain sight. If you invest in some great bins and baskets, you can have objects stored all around your space but they will look like a beautiful decor element. Also - if you are limited on storage space, you should try to limit your ‘stuff’. There’s no way around that. For me, I have one drawer designated for shorts. If it starts to get too full, I know it’s time to get rid of some (I live in Wisconsin after all - how many pairs of shorts does a girl really need??) . The same concept applies to your home - if you have too much stuff and not enough room to store it, that might be a good sign it’s time to go through your items and downsize a little.

What is your favorite part of your job? To me it’s all about the client! I love seeing their attitude change during the course of an organization project. Even if they are apprehensive beforehand, they usually leave the session feeling inspired to continue streamlining their space. Lastly, where can everyone find you?

You can learn more about me and schedule appointments at:

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I hope through Val's interview you've learned the benefits of working with a home organizer. We are now halfway through women's history month, so support this girl boss & show her lots of love. I promise your space will thank you for it.

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