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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Hi all! I hope the month of May was as healing for you as it was for me. This month definitely had its ups and downs but the theme of eat, pray, love forced me to learn a lot. I would even go as far to say that this is the calmest I’ve felt in a really long time. Here is a look at what I did throughout the month and all the lessons I learned along the way.


First up was eat.  My friend Val and I along with my sister Allie decided we were going to have a cooking night. A night which was spent making homemade carbonara and drinking pinot grigio. We also listened to a very authentic Italian playlist which help set the vibe. But what this night most importantly started was a really fun tradition. When I was growing up we ate dinner together as a family almost every night. Once I moved out and especially now that I live by myself, I didn’t realize how much I missed that. Most nights I’ll get takeout or cook something for myself which is totally fine but I forgot how much I loved having a family style dinner night with others. Taking time to plan a meal, grocery shop and then cook with my friends is a tradition I want to carry out each month.

PS click here for the recipe if you want to make carbonara for your next meal.


I spent the month of May really focusing on meditation. I still consider myself to be in the beginners camp of meditation as I’ve only been doing it seriously for the past few months. This month really turned over a new leaf for me. I found myself actively pulling the lessons I was learning from meditation into my day to day life. Especially in high stress situations (which trust me, there were plenty this month). I went to a meditation class which was a first for me. And it was nothing like I expected.

My friend Val and I were the youngest ones there. We were in a room filled with less than 10 people. The first 30 minutes were solely focused on meditation. To backup, when I meditate through the app Insight Timer, the sessions that I choose are usually 15 minutes max. And they are guided so I spend the 15 minutes listening to someone guide me through my thoughts. But this class was 30 minutes of very minimal talking. So I was left with my thoughts which were riding a roller coaster. But the best part for me was the end of the class when the instructor opened it up to discussion. He talked a lot about how the practice of meditation allows you to quiet your thoughts. How you can see anxious thoughts pop up but just as quickly let them float away through not spending time analyzing them. I’m not there yet, but it helped shift my perspective and forced me to focus more on doing this.


Lastly this month was all about love. Mostly self love but my heart grew a little more when I decided to buy a puppy this month. It has moved me into a space in my life where I am genuinely happier. It was the perfect way to restart and really just refresh my life. I feel like I have this new beginning since I am focusing on something so much bigger than me. This post was supposed to go up at the end of May BUT my pup decided to break my phone by chewing through the screen. So I’ve had moments where I thought I lost all my photos on my old phone to then my new phone completely going black and not working. Last night as I was driving back to my place with Blue and a broken phone, I just stared at that sweet little face and it put everything into perspective. Life is full of so many ups and downs and even through moments that feel pretty defeating, life is still good. If you ever feel like you need a restart, I would encourage you to follow in my footsteps and try something different. For me, it was totally worth it.

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