What Uncertain Times Have Taught Me

I’m going to be real. The last two weeks have felt like six months long. And as I sat around this weekend binging countless netflix shows, I realized it is still March. Which meant it still was women’s history month. Which also meant I hadn't wrapped up this month's series on the many lessons I’ve learned journeying through womanhood. I think it's clear we’ve all been a little preoccupied over the past couple of weeks with some pretty stressful times. But I wanted to conclude my series with something I think we can all relate to. That even in the uncertainty of this period of life, there have been amazing examples of humanity at its best.

Most people with anxiety will tell you that change is hard. Change + the unknown = bad combo. This formula is pretty unsettling considering the current state of the world. Feeling pretty helpless? Yeah me too.

But one thing I've learned, and one thing that has helped me so much throughout these couple of weeks is focusing on things in my control. Focusing on the positive moments throughout this very scary point in time. Every morning, afternoon, evening, (really every moment I can) I am choosing to list all I am grateful for.

I’m going to keep this short & sweet. I’ve never appreciated a gratitude journal more lately. So I would encourage you to do the same. Write down everything that is comforting, or bringing you joy during this time. Small or big. Here is my list.

Family facetime (extra thankful for a grandma who has figured out how to use it!!!)

Spending all day every day with Blue

Group texting

Discovering the app marco polo and chatting all day with my girls

Using this time to finish all the books I’ve been wanting to read

Tiger king ( & all the memes )

Local officials who follow the advice of  medical professionals who are working to keep us all safe

All the selfless jobs (nurses, doctors, delivery drivers, janitors, etc etc etc - I am so appreciative of the work you do!!!)

Prayer (all hours, all day)

Feminist books that help fuel my activism fire

Social media - you have been a really great distraction through all of this! And also been a window to see all the amazing acts of kindness by others

A job where I can safely work from home

Podcasts to help pass the time

Cooking from home more ( and lots more baking )

Running into cutie pies on my daily walks but still practicing social distancing

Portrait mode photos of blue

And most importantly - the health of my friends, family and myself

Stay home & safe safe everyone. Help those who need it most. The sun will come out soon!


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